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Feb 9
I took my contraceptive pill (Microgynon) at the usual time today (12pm), but about an hour later I had quite an urgent need for the toilet and ended up having a bit of diarrhoea/watery stools. This has only happened once since taking my pill today, but am I fully protected or do I need to take another pill?
Feb 9
You’re fine, the diarrhea needs to be very severe (5+ episodes) to affect your pill
Feb 9
@aurielle does it matter that it was only an hour after taking it though? And do I need to use extra protection?
Feb 9
@clg_96 no, the time frame doesn’t matter for diarrhea, only the severity
Feb 9
@aurielle great thank you! So I’ve passed watery stools lightly about twice since the first time, but I’m still not sure it’s severe enough to account for a lost pill..
Feb 9
5/6+ episodes of liquid stool within a day counts as a missed pill. So from what you’ve described, so far you haven’t experienced diarrhoea severe enough to affect your pill.

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