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Jul 30
TW: eating, weight, nutrition, healthy eating Hi everyone, this is a super sensitive topic about eating so please read with caution! I have a really fast metabolism and have never had to worry about putting on weight. As a result I’ve never really had to watch what I eat, and tend to emotionally/habitually eat a lot of sugary foods like chocolate. I’ve noticed this isn’t great for my health and my body probably isn’t getting the nutrition it needs, so I’ve been really trying to address it by thinking twice about the snacks I’m eating and trying to choose healthier alternatives. I’m still having sugary snacks, but a lot less than I used to. However, I’ve found that in a matter of a few weeks of being more conscious about my food choices, I’ve noticed I’ve begun to see sugary/processed foods as ‘bad’ and feel more guilty about eating them. For those who try to maintain a healthy diet, how do you make sure you don’t feel guilty when you eat foods that aren’t so nutritionally good for you? Thanks so much in advance!
Jul 30
I would look into intuitive eating. What helps me is reminding myself that there is no “bad” or “good” food. Some foods are just more nutritious for us then others.
Jul 30
Thank you for your advice @ssueno_! Will do :)

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