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Jan 12
Is anyone here in the asexual spectrum?? I have sex with my boyfriend and I enjoy because I love the intimacy but I’m don’t necessarily into sec itself. I tend to be grossed out by it and I could definitely live or be in a relationship without having sex. Is that normal ??
Jan 12
When it comes to sex and sexuality I think that really there’s no such thing as normal but also everything is normal 😂 as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters
Jan 12
I have a friend that is. She is lot less comfortable than what you are explaining though. she doesn’t like any form of intimacy. Enjoys being alone and she has never been attracted to the idea of having a relationship at all. She has friends so it is not a trust issue, compliments them and understands beauty but she does not feel attracted to anyone in general. Try doing some research and learning more about it, it may lead you to finding out great things about yourself! Like the comment above said, sexuality could mean a million things and there is no black or white. And it is possible to feel love without having any form of sexual attraction
Jan 12
^There is also a spectrum of asexuality too so if you’re not exactly like that it’s still possible you could be asexual. As @bluerose9 said there’s not really a ‘normal’ when it comes to sex and there’s nothing wrong with being asexual as long as your both happy. Does your partner put in lots of effort to make you orgasm? Do you have any sexual fantasies or have you watched porn to try to see if there’s anything you’re into?
Jan 13
I’m ace! I identify as demisexual so I only experience sexual attraction AFTER I’ve gotten to know someone on an emotional intimacy level. How you’re describing yourself sounds ace. I’d suggest joining the asexual Reddit page so you can read more on peoples experiences. It may give you a better idea as no one is the same and every relationship is different 🖤 I realized with my first ex I was ace and I never wanted to have sex with him. But in my most recent relationship I was always ready and willing to have sex with my bf, but I was still okay not having it if he wasn’t on the mood. So it really depends!!

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