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Feb 21
Hey girls, how do you guys know when you are ovulating? I know many say by the discharge but I feel like I always have discharge that white thing on your panties ? Any tips on how you guys know ?
Feb 21
If you’re on birth control, you don’t ovulate.
Feb 21
I used to get like a really sharp pain in my ovaries if that makes any sense but since iv bin on birth-control I not longer get it
Feb 21
Are you in birth control? Bc you don’t ovulate. If you’re not the number one way to tell is cervical mucus. It will be the consistency of egg whites (EWCM). There’s other ways to tell, like checking your basal body temperature, but that takes time and a lot of consistency. Not really sometime the every day person does unless you’re trying to conceive or doing natural family planning.
Feb 21
Something* not sometime

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