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Jun 2
Tw. Racism and current events and acknowledging my white privilege Hi guys. I just need a bit of advice. I know I come from a very privileged place. However I am trying to be better. I’m not in the states but I’m well aware that this happens everywhere. I’ve found this weekend really hard on my soul, much like many others and In no way even close to the feelings of those this system directly affects. I am hurt and upset and yet not surprised by what has happened. I’ve been out and raising awareness and protesting locally for change here in Australia as well as in solidarity for those in the states. I just need help. I’ve found it emotionally draining that I just want to check out for the night and not think about it. But then I quickly dismiss it by acknowledging that I as a white women have the privilege to just check out when I feel like it. I’m not forced to live a life of systemic oppression, and for that I am so sorry. I find myself forcing myself to being able to stay informed and stay angry and hurt as that’s how we can make change. I guess I’m just asking, I know this is incoherent as hell, but what tips do you have to help me with dealing with these feelings POC I don’t need you to educate me and extend any more emotional labour on my completely privileged position. Please take care of yourselves and your brothers and sisters before you worry about white allies like myself.
Jun 2
Even as an ally, you're allowed to take time for self-care. The movement relies on people being rested and able to show up as their best selves, so processing your feelings and taking breaks to renew and restore is okay, in fact necessary. You're right that black folks and POC should be prioritized to take time off for rest, because they don't usually have that option, but white allies can as well.
Jun 2
^^ also I think that it’s important to keep in mind that in order to be your best, or to be able to give your energy into this cause you need some time to check on yourself and catchup on a bit of rest, because if you’re exhausted or exhausting yourself you won’t be able to help anymore xx Maybe try shutting down for an evening?

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