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Aug 12
i have trouble orgasming and it’s really making my partner feel like shit. me too, but not because he can’t make me but because i feel like there’s something wrong with me :( i want to try a vibrator out as i’ve never done it before. i want to order online but my dad always likes to see what i get in my packages when i get them delivered. i’m awkward asf. is there a place with like self check outs like coles, kmart etc. i could get them from??
Aug 12
There's nothing wrong with you! Are you able to make yourself orgasm? Sometimes, it takes a lot of practice and experimentation to find what you like. Trying new things is a great way to start, so a vibrator is a good idea. Can you have it sent to your partner's place?
Aug 12
A lot of women find it hard to orgasm through penetration or in general. There’s nothing wrong with you and your partner needs to understand this. I’d recommend just trying things out, being patient with yourself and taking the time to explore yourself and your sexuality. You can defo buy vibrators in shops but I don’t know about the ones you’ve listed.
Aug 12
You can buy small bullet vibrators at target! You can also order off Amazon and have the package sent to a locker location to pick up. Vibrators are honestly a blessing and help so much with orgasming
Aug 12
@aurielle omg in what area do i find them in?
Aug 12
@clemmyxo the section where all the condoms and lube are! Usually called family planning or something like that
Aug 13
Get a bullet and if he's nosey tell him it's a portable charger

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