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Jun 28
One thing i hate about my sisters is that they love to spread rumors about one another I’m not like that i really hate spreading rumors or just starting mess I’m a very reserved person...I’ve been depressed for a month and not one person in my family asked if I’m okay or just sat down to have a casual conversation all they keep doing is spreading rumors about me and my ex who I haven’t dealt with in months so we just started talking but it’s honestly just seeing how each other has been and we will leave it at that so My sisters automatically think we are an item and ask me questions and i told them we were not i am worrying about my happiness and putting myself first and healing myself and when i do starting dating it’s when I’m ready. So now it’s getting worse because they keep spreading rumors and all I’m doing is just staying in my room watching anime and just trying to get my life together but this is stressing me tf out 😫 and when i do talk to them they just lie or there opinions matter over mine and it’s so agitating What the heck am i suppose to do....
Jun 28
I understand how you feel. I’d ignore people like that and just accept that they have nothing better to do with their life. They just doing that cause they’re bored. But sometimes when I can’t take it I would let them know how I feel and how obnoxious they are and they’d stop. So maybe try doing that, tell them how you feel and how wrong they are. I know that can be hard to do when you’re depressed tho but sometimes you just need to let your anger and frustration out on the person to make them stop. I’ve experienced what you’re going through, it also helps to talk to someone if you’re depressed, someone who understands and it may be hard finding the right person to talk to but try cause the longer you stay depressed the more damage it does for you.

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