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Feb 12
I’m really scared. Could I be pregnant? What are the chances? I recently visited my boyfriend (late January) and had sex with him for the first time. I’m on birth control and I accidentally took a pill late one day by three hours. The next day, I accidentally did the same thing. I took it at the same time as the day previously (the first day I messed up) and after that I just kept taking it at that time. When we had sex, we didn’t always use a condom but he never came inside me unless he had a condom on. He only did that twice. Since I messed up my pill, I got my period for 3-4 days which was average for me while I was on the pill. During the days I had my period, I still took my pill. Now I’m not on the pill and I haven’t gotten my period. I don’t know if it’s because I already had it relatively soon ago, or if I’m pregnant. Please help.
Feb 12
Were you on the combination pill?
Feb 12
@Kazoo yes, Junel specifically
Feb 12
You’re fine, you have 24 hours to take it so you’re not considered late
Feb 12
You didn’t miss the pill and 3 hours don’t affect your protection.

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