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Jul 22
It’s been over a week now since getting my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. I know there are breakthrough cases, but I just feel so relieved to be fully vaccinated. I feel like I made it through without getting COVID-19 (unless what I had in early March was COVID-19, we’ll never know). For people who are fully vaccinated, have you started seeing people again. I don’t feel safe completely going back to normal again, as I’ve been extremely cautious throughout the pandemic. For context, I live in Canada, so vaccination rates are relatively high (I definitely think they should be higher though). I’ve only seen my friends once during the whole pandemic, and that was outside, with masks the entire time. Now that me and one of my friends will be fully vaccinated in a few days, I’m considering seeing her inside, without masks, as the Canada guidelines permit it once you’ve been fully vaccinated. I am an essential worker and have to take public transit to get to/from work though, so I’m not sure if this would be a good idea. What do you all think?
Jul 22
*have you started seeing people again?
Jul 22
I’m not fully vaccinated but I’ve been seeing people again (inside&outside) and just going along with the current restrictions in my country. I would if I were you x
Jul 22
I’m fully vaccinated but I don’t see that many people anyway. I’m more focused on my studies right now but I’ve been taking more trips. Such as driving to Philadelphia and taking a trip to Arizona next week! As long as you’re not going against the guidelines you’re fine.
Jul 22
I've been seeing friends indoors and outdoors since I've been fully vaccinated.
Jul 22
I'm fully vaccinated, most of my local friends have been in my work bubble, so I've been seeing them since we were allowed meet friends outside and continued once we were allowed indoors despite not being fully vaccinated at the time, we were all in work together so we would be exposed to each other anyway The weather has been lovely so I've been happy sitting outside despite the fact that all restrictions are pretty much gone from England anyway
Jul 22
I’m fully vaccinated and have even traveled after my vaccine. My friend is also an essential worker and she’s going to travel in 2 weeks. I believe you should let yourself live somewhat normal life after you’ve had your vaccine, you most likely wear masks as an essential worker no? that would give an extra protection. I feel like you’ll be fine, for extra precaution if you want you can take a test a few days after?
Jul 22
Hey, it may be a stupid question but have you noticed any changes in your menstrual cycle since getting the vaccine?
Jul 22
@TheleabA No, I haven't.
Jul 22
@ThleabA {CrmZA-5sI}
Jul 22
I’m fully vaccinated! My boyfriend and I slowly adjusted returning to “normal life,” and that really helped vs just jumping into a big party or going out to a restaurant! It really helped, so I recommend starting small and going very slow through the adjustment phase. We started with going to outdoor dining or inviting a fully vaccinated friend over, and eventually worked our way back up to going to arcades and house parties again! We’re lucky that our friends are really responsible too, so the only unvaccinated people I have been around is just at my workplace.

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