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Jun 9
Freaked out. Random people have been knocking on my door at 11pm or later. My bf and I live in an apartment and know most of the people at least by face. We’re only close with one of our neighbours who is an elderly man who only knocks during the day to give us food. Today I finally looked through the peephole when someone knocked at 11:30pm and it was a woman I’ve never seen before. She could be our new neighbour across the hall but she has never introduced herself so idk why she would knock so late at night. We got a new landlord a few months ago and ever since our building has been pretty unsafe. Our neighbour we’re close with told us he had to call the police a few weeks ago because someone was going door to door with a screwdriver trying to get into units 😳
Jun 9
Wow I mean yea just try to double bolt it and definitely call the police if it is happening more then once a night. It could just be kids trying to mess around but in the chances that it’s something more I’d be on the safe side. It’s a good thing you live with a another person though! Also reach out to your landlord and tell them they need to do something before something bad happens
Jun 9
Are you able to install cameras or something like ring/nest so you can see who is outside?
Jun 9
Definitely report this to your landlord. Do you have a building manager onsite?
Jun 9
Thanks for the advice everyone. Definitely not kids since it’s an adult only building. We don’t have a building manager on site since it’s a smaller apartment. Our old landlord was here once a week to make sure things were okay so it was fine without someone on site but the new landlord doesn’t really care 🙁 I don’t think we can install cameras since it’s an apartment. We’re only here for a few more weeks then moving, but it’s been hard to sleep.

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