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Jun 11
I’m scared for the future. Besides not being able to pass my drivers test I’m never going to be able to afford a life. Between (after getting my license) a car, insurance, a house, college. It’s just so much. I plan to have kids some day but i dont know if I will even be able to I just wish I could save money but I only earn $8.50 an hour and I only work 3 hrs days.
Jun 11
What do you do to earn $8.50 an hour?..
Jun 11
The life you have now is not the life you will have forever. I know it feels that way, but things change so quickly, especially when you’re young.
Jun 11
Actively job search and keep pursuing
Jun 11
I’m worried about the same things honestly, well that and the world ending by 2050
Jun 11
My boyfriend likes to tell me to not worry that far into the future. Focus on bettering things in the present so you don't have to stress once the future arrives. Persistence and determination will get you , your well deserved life. You just have to be patient enough to work for it.

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