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Mar 24
Does anyone hate the smell of the litter on their cats paws? Like I love my cat, and I’m appreciative that he’s going in the litter box, but the scent of the litter gets my stomach turning.
Mar 24
i agree with you
Mar 24
I use an unscented litter and my cats are really good about grooming themselves plus I also have a litter-robot (it automatically cleans itself after every use) so thankfully I don’t have that problem.
Mar 24
@Olivia_5 I need to get unscented because the perfume kind of smell in it smells so bad
Mar 24
{TDVxsexkM} I don’t know if this is available to you but I use this litter and love it. I also find that it’s not dusty.
Mar 24
Swheat Scoop is the best litter ever. It’s organic and has zero smell at all.

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