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Jul 10
I have been on holiday and forgot to take my new pack of pills which I was meant to start on Saturday it’s now Wednesday and I’m back so what should I do ??? Someone help please !!
Jul 10
Start your new pack ASAP. Take it as normal and use extra protection until you’ve taken 8 pills correctly. If you’ve had any condomless sex during your break week or the missed pill days then it was unprotected. As you’ve missed several pills it’s completely normal if you experience side effects like irregular bleeding in the next few weeks/months x
Jul 10
@bluerose9 sorry to jump on this post. What other side effects can you get?
Jul 10
@Shandolf any of the normal side effects of the pill (which will all be listed in your pill’s pamphlet). From the posts here the most common seem to be irregular bleeding, cramps, mood swings, nausea
Jul 10
@bluerose9 okay thank you. I did exactly the same thing. I was on my break week, I went away and forgot to bring my new ones! I only missed two pills, I’ve taken 3 pregnancy tests and I’m 100% not pregnant (I had sex longer than a week before too but better to be safe than sorry haha!) and I’ve been feeling sick and cramps :( xx

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