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Dec 2 22
Gift etiquette question…would you get someone’s ex-spouse a gift if they were part of the family for several years? I always got a joint gift for my partner’s brother and sister-in law. Recently they’ve gone through some marriage problems and they aren’t really together now. I didn’t know the sister in law super well because my partner and I live a few hours away from his family, but I still knew her for 4 years and she was always kind to me but she’s really an acquaintance. Do you think I should still get her something?
Dec 2 22
I think it would be a really nice gesture to give her a small gift.
Dec 2 22
Have you gotten her gifts in the past?
Dec 2 22
@aurielle yes but never individually. It was always a gift for her and her (now ex) husband.
Dec 5 22
I think it really comes down to how she would feel if her ex partners family is still reaching out when she’s trying to move on from him. Some people don’t feel comfortable with having any type of relationship with their ex’s family. Do you know if she’s still in communication with some of the family members? Was the separation amicable? Have you kept in touch after their breakup?
Dec 6 22
@Ab567 good point ty. She is still on good terms with the parents and she still sees them regularly. The separation was not amicable at all, but she has been part of the family for 10+ years which is why she is still on good terms with the parents. I only ever really communicate with her in person at family events, we’re not close but I have no bad blood with her and I like her. We just know each other because of the family. I’ll probably get her something small. Thanks for the food for thought!

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