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Jun 28
Tw: weight Now that the festivities are over I can start eating healthier again I’m still not eating breakfast These three days were great, I had fun What’s not fun is the left side pain after eating and the back pain I can now understand people who have back pain I have to lay down for the pain to go awayb It also doesn’t help right now because I have a cold
Jun 28
Hope you feel better soon.
Jun 28
I wouldn’t recommend not eating breakfast. A good, healthy breakfast can set you up for the day & help you to make healthier choices throughout.
Jun 28
@sugarNspice I’ve been not eating breakfast for about a month now and I’ve been doing great I’ve slipped up by eating food at work and it’s really stupid for my work not to allow us to bring in our own water Anyways the kids at my work give us the food they don’t want I’m getting back to what I was doing well no breakfast I have to eat lunch My plan a few weeks ago was to not eat breakfast lunch and dinner on some days BUT I love food too much to give it up
Jun 28
@bluerose9 thank you
Jun 28
Grocery shopping was today and barely got any food I got my salad I always get Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow and get a little more food

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