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Dec 4 18
So today I was diagnosed with cervicitis. She was like oh your cervix look great no abnormal discharge BUT WE FOUND A LITTLE BIT OF WHITE BLOOD CELLS IN YOUR DISCHARGE! And I sat there like ... okay.. sooo... when I realized what she meant I was shook. I never had any sti before .. I visit them 4 times this year for nothing but sti and std checks and they all been negative.... and now they saying ehhh the cause could be an sti! I am shook!! But it could be other things besides sti but that’s the main thing they checked for !! ... what to do ?
Dec 4 18
It’s not just bc jt STDs.
Dec 4 18
There are many causes for something like this. My S/O had a similar flare up about a month ago and it turns out it’s a condition MOSTLY CAUSED in young men by contracting Gonorrhea and Chlamydia, plot twist he doesn’t have either of them! Sometimes these conditions happen due to other factors, you were great about keeping up with being tested so I would be truly shocked if that was the cause!
Dec 5 18
@Moonbunny @Heshoney even though they don’t know if it’s an sti they gave me azithromycin that treats Stis and other bacteria anyway.

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