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Dec 4 18
That feeling of relief when you get a look at your pill pack and realize you actually did take your pill today and didn’t forget like you thought you did. #bestfeelingever
Dec 4 18
I used to be driving to uni every morning and constantly thinking DID I TAKE MY PILL IM SURE I DID OH GOD DID I 😅
Dec 4 18
I’ve been at work before and I’d completely forgot to take my pill in the morning before I started work at 8:00am. I do 12 hour shifts, so I needed to go home before it was classed as a missed pill. I made up the excuse of leaving my hair straighteners on and no one being at home to turn them off for me, just so I could go home and take me pill 😂
Dec 4 18
I thought I forgot to take it all day at work! So glad I didn’t forget though! At lunch I got especially panicky and was trying to think of an excuse to leave but I got myself under control thankfully 😂

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