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May 20
I’ve been talking to this guy on bumble and he said “I don’t mean to say this in a bad way but you seem very reserved and careful.” Is being reserved a bad thing? I just don’t want to be fully open or show my emotions completely esp because I haven’t ever met him in real life and don’t want to get hurt when I become too vulnerable.
May 20
I dont think its a bad thing that your being reserved. Like you said you haven’t even met him, its okay to not want to open up and protect your feelings by being cautious and reserved.
May 20
^^ agreed. Not everyone opens up as easily or it can take more time. It’s not a bad thing if that’s your personality. That said, he could be looking for something different (maybe someone more outgoing or more open) and that’s ok too. Depends how he meant it, I would just be honest.
May 20
Definitely not a bad thing it’s okay to take your time opening up, no need to rush
May 21
Not a bad thing, just your personality

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