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Sep 14
Any good recommendations for couple-friendly vibrators?
Sep 14
do you mean one the both of you can use or one you can use on your clit during sex?
Sep 14
@onthepillxo either or, at the moment im using a clit stimulating one that’s kinda in the way in any position apart from doggy. a hands free one or one that’s not so in the way would be neat
Sep 14
i get mine from anne summers, i have one that has a wire attached to it so i can do it from a distance but found it didn’t feel as good as it wasn’t really pressed on to my clit, and i have another one that’s curved for the g spot that i love using on my clit i just put my arm underneath his side in missionary which took me a while to figure out best place to put my arm so i wasn’t in the way and in doggy it’s just normal. it’s just preference i think but anne summers is the way to go
Sep 14
When I was like 15 i accidentally found my parents vibrating cock rings. They had two so they seemed to like it lmfao
Sep 21
@idkJoyful noo bahahaha

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