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Oct 7 19
okay so a few months ago i went to the doctors and was told i had vaginismus, i didn’t have sex for ages because it hurt too much and i started bleeding after switching my pills. only recently have i been able to have sex, however i’ve noticed that since i stopped bleeding, i had thick white discharge, and like soreness after sex. I figured it was just because i’d only just been able to start having sex again and the discharge was just i don’t know a side effect of the pill because i didn’t have any symptoms of any infection. But now, i have lots of white thick discharge, soreness after sex and when i went to the toilet after sex there was a tiny bit of blood. what could this be? it wasn’t from the friction or anything because we’ve been using lube. is it possible this is an infection? i have some cream from around two months ago when i had a yeast infection, could i use that again?
Oct 7 19
Sounds like you’re not fully prepared for sex, hence the soreness afterwards and probably the cause of the bleeding too. Are you doing 25-30+ minutes of foreplay focused entirely on YOU? Lube is great but if you’re not fully aroused and relaxed it doesn’t matter how much lube you use, you’re still not going to comfortably have sex. The discharge after sex is most likely your sex fluids/lube/if you’re not using condoms his sex fluids.

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