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Nov 23
TW: dentists Okay y’all, update on my teeth. I got some X-rays done and I have all four wisdom teeth that I need pulled and two teeth that aren’t savable in the back. I’m going back to get a cleaning done at 12:30 and I’m getting a referral to an oral surgeon.
Nov 23
I just had all my wisdom teeth and one molar pulled yesterday and it wasn’t bad at all! I got IV sedation and it was a little scary but then I don’t even remember falling asleep lol. I woke up and wasn’t too loopy at all. I just told my fiancé I missed our cats and kept asking what time it was lol. The whole procedure took like 45 minutes. I went home and slept for about an hour. I have hardly any pain. I have a slight sore throat but otherwise, I don’t really have pain in my mouth and I’m not really swollen. I’m not sure if it gets worse after a couple days of healing but so far I feel way better than expected! I have a pretty bad phobia/dentist anxiety so I had a few broken teeth (a couple wisdom teeth and two molars) that I just kept pushing off. But now I’m so relieved they’re gone and I feel fine. I hope this kinda makes you feel comfortable getting your procedure done! Good luck :)
Nov 23
Thank you so much! I really really appreciate your input. I’m not exactly sure when I’m getting these teeth pulled, maybe within the next month or so but I am getting the cleaning done today! I’m so happy I finally went
Nov 23
oh wow have been in any pain for the last while? i’m glad you’ll be able to get your teeth pulled soon, i’m sure they’ve been causing you some trouble. good luck w the procedures!
Nov 23
Thank you! Yeah, for the last couple of weeks, the right side of my mouth has been giving me trouble so I’m glad im getting this sorted out!
Nov 23
@bebeyoda_ not sure where you’re located but most drug stores have stuff called “dentemp.” It’s basically like soft puddy you can put in the hole of your broke Tooth to fill it. You put it on, wait about two hours for it to harden, then it stays in awhile. It’ll help keep food out of it and it helped me with the pain. Just a temporary fix until you get that tooth pulled
Nov 23
I just got my cleaning done y’all. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting but it was uncomfortable. My teeth look so much better but I still have some more to do. 🥺
Nov 23
Im glad you had a good experience!
Nov 24
If they put you on antibiotics after your removal, your bc will be less effective! At least for the pill
Nov 24
@Sassy2110 w antibiotics, only rifabutin and rifampin affect the pill. both are used to treat tb so they wouldn’t be prescribed in this case

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