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Nov 22
Got Invisalign today. Excited for my journey to having straight teeth. What’d braces in like 5th grade so I was like 10 or 11 years old. Like all kids they don’t wear their retainers and then the teeth shift. Definitely going to be more diligent with wearing my retainers after the treatment is finished. It looks like I have 11 aligners total so I should be finished around April next year. Unless I wind up needing some refinements then I would get more trays.
Nov 22
ah hopefully all goes well!
Nov 22
yay! I recently got my braces off and surprisingly I haven’t forgotten about wearing my retainers every night. it should be easier for you since trays and retainers are kinda similar, so you’ll already be used to the feeling! good luck with your orthodontic journey!
Nov 23
Invisalign is great! I’m on one of my last trays and they’ve completely changed my teeth :)

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