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Feb 12
Hi everyone, I started my first pill on Jan 29th. I had the first unprotected sex on Feb 7th. On the same day, I took my pill 2 hours late. My doctor always scares me about pregnancy. She told me to always use condoms even on birth control. That’s the reason why I took Plan B the next morning.I did a lot of research about birth control but my doctor terrifies me. Whenever i have a visit with her, she asks me if I can be pregnant, even tell me to take the pregnancy test. That really make me scared. So she told me to take birth control. I know if i take it on time everyday, I should be safe. So on the Valentine’s day, am i safe if we don’t use a condom? Brand: Junel Fe 1/20
Feb 12
you have to take your pills correctly for 7 days to be protected.
Feb 12
yeah i did, when we had sex, it was my 10th day
Feb 12
sounds like you need a new doctor.
Feb 12
If you’ve been taking your birth control on time you should be fine for Valentine’s Day! Taking your birth control 2 hours late is fine as long as you don’t continue to do that. I’ve taken my birth control a couple hours late and I’ve been fine!
Feb 12
Look into a new doctor, if that can’t happen, well the only thing to do is to educate yourself on birth control so you know what to expect and how it works.😊 so your doctor doesn’t give unnecessary anxiety! Completely safe to have sex with no condom (both tested first), just drink your pills everyday and you’ll be fine ☺️

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