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Mar 13
I have an interview tomorrow for a receptionist position and I am FREAKING OUT. I’m trying to prepare answers for any potential questions they have about my skills or weaknesses, or a time when I’ve handled conflict, etc. but now I’m starting to get scared. I’m trying to be level headed and not act like I have it. I just really hope the universe works in my favor, because I’d love more than anything to get out of retail..
Mar 13
What I found helped me was to mark down potential questions with the answers and then see if I can think of more examples and skills, also reread your cv and cover letter. Best of luck beautiful xx
Mar 13
I feel you I have a job interview on Friday too and I do super bad under pressure and anxiety goes sky high
Mar 13
I think I’ll have my boyfriend’s mom help me prep tonight. I’m going to print a few copies of my resume, and bring my references with me in a little folder. I’m going to write down some questions to ask them, too. Thankfully I have a therapy appointment an hour before so maybe she can help calm me down, and I’ll have an hour between to prepare.

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