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Sep 20 22
has anyone ever ordered from love honey?? i want to buy my first vibrator since masturbation is getting a lil boring for me with my hands. do they send your item in completely discreet packaging? and any recommendations:))
Sep 20 22
The packaging is discreet. It’s just a regular unlabeled cardboard box.
Sep 20 22
It’s just a standard cardboard box, my partner and I last ordered like 2 months ago. If you order from outside of the UK it will list the items but in code-names so nobody will be able to tell what you ordered unless they open up your package.
Sep 20 22
Yeah I sent one to my best friends house because I was living with my parents at the time and I don’t think her family even thought twice about it
Sep 22 22
Yes I’ve ordered quite a few times, the packaging is just a plain cardboard box, really discreet

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