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May 12
It’s been a week since getting over covid and I still don’t feel back to normal. Is that normal? (I am vaccinated and boosted)
May 12
Yes, it can definitely take a while. I still periodically get chest pains, and that started when I got covid back in January
May 12
Yes, my family had it in January. It took me about a month to feel better honestly. The first week was horrible with the headache and chills then I felt super good the second week but like crap again the 3rd week with like cold symptoms and was super tired. I’d say around like week 4 I felt a lot better but it definitely knocks you down. My moms recovery was about the same amount of time too but my dad and sister felt fine after like 2ish weeks. We’re all vaccinated as well so I guess it could’ve been worse but it still took a little while to overcome. I kinda feel like I still get phlegm in my chest here and there too but it could all be allergies now lol.
May 12
I felt worse the week after I had it then the week I was testing positive 😅
May 12
I passed Covid like a bad cold but I definitely didn’t feel 100% until a couple weeks after. I was testing negative but still had lingering symptoms

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