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Sep 14
hey yal kinda tmi but is it normal for a puppies poop to change when you give them a new food? he’s always had solid poops never any runny poop but just now it was solid/chunky like a paste idk it was kinda weird 😳 idk if maybe he’s sick but I’m sure it’s just the change of food...
Sep 14
I wouldn’t say it’s normal, but it is common - even for older dogs this seems to happen when you change food so I would recommend not changing food unless necessary (puppy working towards adult food is a different story of course). Their body needs to adjust to the new food but it could also simply be that this isn’t the right food for him (or he might have a sensitive stomach), or he is just a bit unwell. I have a dog that has a very sensitive stomach and she always had stomach pains (very loud growls) and bad poops, took us a while to find something that worked.
Sep 14
Food change can definitely do that. It’s normally recommended to do a slow transition from old food to new food and not just switch completely
Sep 14
or his stomach just isn’t agreeing with the food.

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