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Feb 21
TW: Ocd Hi! I haven’t been professionally diagnosed but many (including my therapist) believe I have some form of ocd. I have little to no familiarity with it nor coping mechanisms. I have an extremely hard time with letting things go and demanding closure/last word to the point where I push people to give me that closure. As you may guess, it can definitely push people away. I had an incident like that last night. Part of my brain knows exactly what I’m doing isn’t good but the other part is that ocd. Does anyone know any coping mechanisms you use for your ocd or situations like this? Or how to cope that not everything will get the perfect solution? I understand that there can’t be any medical diagnosis or medical advice on here so if you have support that would be great❤️
Feb 23
Hi! I haven’t been medically diagnosed myself but I think I have OCD Too (however I think it’s contamination OCD for me) , so I understand that it can be hard to cope with and get used to. I think that if you research OCD, as there are (I think) 7 different types of OCD, finding out which one you think you have could help you find ways diagnosed people cope with it and any advice on it from medical professionals/ medical websites online.
Feb 23
@em11 Thank you!!! I had NO idea that were 7 different types! That makes perfect sense though cause I know it’s not just limited to the stereotype of cleaning etc. Thank you for educating me!! I will definitely look into it❤️

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