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Sep 12
so idk whats going on but my right side of my throat really hurts, the tonsil looks different to the left one and is really bumpy whereas the left one is smooth and looks fine and doesnt hurt. It kills to swallow but idk what this could be.. i have a bad cough too if thats related
Sep 12
You should probably get a COVID-19 test before seeing a doctor in person.
Sep 13
sounds like it could be viral or bacterial tonsillitis. i suffer from this A LOT, and sometimes it can only affect one tonsil. I suggest getting a covid test first and then going to a GP. Do you have any white spots on your tonsils? This can be a sign of bacterial infection which can be cured super easily with a course of penicillin. Definitely go to your doctor because if it’s bacterial you need to treat it ASAP !! hope this helps a bit :)
Sep 13
hey girl i just recently got sick a few days ago and my throat was on fire. my tonsils were also swollen, but pay attention to see if there’s white bumps or puss because that might mean it’s strep throat or tonsillitis. if you don’t acquire a fever i doubt it’s covid. i’m not sick anymore it lasted 4 days and my system is just clearing out at this point. i recommend just relaxing at home for a few days to see how you feel because you might get better and then there’s no use for a covid test, we can’t be afraid forever you feel me. drink lots of tea and take medicine, i recommend buckley’s the liquid one it tastes like ass but trust me it works and lots of advil. eat soup and no harsh foods and you’ll be fine. it’s most likely a cold because of the change in weather. pay attention to loss of smell and taste as well that could be a sign of covid. take care of yourself and don’t stress :)

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