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Nov 20
Hey everyone, I really need some input. So I’m 17 I’ll be 18 in February. I got a job at a local restaurant getting paid $9.50 an hour and I love the job and I want to stay so badly. I’ve been having my boyfriend bring me up to the job because my parents refuse to. I’m being forced into quitting by my parents because they don’t want me working there and they refuse to bring me up there or pick me up. I can’t drive until January so I’m in a place where it’s just really hard. My first real day working is tomorrow and I’m stuck in a place where I don’t know what to do. My boyfriend has an interview with the restaurant tomorrow for a job position. However he’s sick and my parents are refusing to bring me. He brought me up there yesterday for orientation but he might not be able to tomorrow. What should I do? I have the job because I need the money. My parents don’t like to help me pay for things so it’s easier if I have a job so I don’t have to ask them for things.
Nov 20
Also my dad gets mad when I ask him for things. He did this the last time I had a job too.
Nov 20
Nov 20
Could you take public transportation like the bus?
Nov 20
Is there a specific reason your parents don’t want you working? If they won’t help you financially but don’t want you to have a job, there must be another part to the story. Uber, taxi, public transportation or another family member of friend would also be an option for the time your boyfriend is sick.
Nov 21
Could you go by bike?

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