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Aug 12
Any of you guys who had braces or Invisalign decide to get a permanent retainer installed? Did you like having it? Did you hate it? What would be your pros and cons about it?
Aug 12
Yes! I didn’t love having them but had them for 3 years and used retainers every night. It’s fine !
Aug 12
Pros; your teeth look amazing afterwards Cons: it’s uncomfortable sometimes, you gotta be extra careful when eating, and constant check ups with dentist. Worth it, in my opinion
Aug 12
I had regular braces. I agree with @santaclariita pros and cons. But it is worth it.
Aug 12
I didn’t have a permanent retainer because I was worried about the upkeep afterwards. But i 100% regret it. My teeth shifted back after a few years even though I wore my retainer for a year and a half afterwards. Feels like a complete waste of money now
Aug 12
Have mine on 3 years and I genuinely forget I have them. Only thing was I was eating a chicken goujon before and a piece wedged under it so it bent but easily got it fixed by the dentist 😅 Otherwise they’re great!

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