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Mar 16
Has anyone ever used phexxi or spermicide? I may be getting off the pill and my gyno recommended to use one of those with condoms. I am pretty sensitive down there and worried it’ll irritate me, plus the phexxi has glycerine which is something i always avoided in lubes
Mar 16
I would personally just use condoms. Condoms used correctly are very effective on their own. Spermicides aren’t the most effective and just add another step to the whole process so I personally would not see the benefit in using them.
Mar 16
Yeah personally I'd avoid it if you know you're sensitive to those ingredients.
Mar 16
@bluerose9 Yeah, I don’t have a ton of interest in using them but my gyno said just condoms is eh, i guess because they can break and then at least there would be another barrier. but I have never had any break *knocks on wood!* so. im not a huge fan of my gyno for several reasons. i also mentioned using condoms and tracking my cycle and basal body temp (if my period is regular enough) and she said that was too much work. so kinda rubs me the wrong way lol. i personally think if someone had a regular period, tracking us a great tool.
Mar 16
@aurielle I am not sure if I am irritated by it but always saw that glycerine can be irritating in lubes. but many water based lubes do irritate me or just dont work great. i have used a silicone lube instead and have had no issues with it
Mar 18
there’s condoms that come with spermicide in/on them
Mar 19
@idkJoyful yeah i know, I really like the skyn condoms and want to continue to use those though but ill look into what other ones have spermicide!

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