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Jun 2
So I’ve not seen my boyfriend for a couple months now, and I was planning to come and see him in Switzerland as it has opened it’s borders now, (following self isolation rules etc). However, my schengen (European) visa has run out, and it seems like all the embassies in London, including the Swiss one are closed until further notice (I’m based there). I was wondering if maybe I’m missing something, like if there’s any other way I could apply for one, or if there’s any reliable way I could be checking for when the embassies would reopen for new visa applications. I know nobody on this app is an expert but I was just really lost. I tried to do my own research and all I found was that the embassy is closed for visa app-s until further notice. My boyfriend, who as a European citizen never really had to do any of this visa stuff doesn’t get it at all. Keeps asking if I’m sure I couldn’t do it online, or that one time he went to Vietnam and his visa was given to him at the border there. Ah, the joys of having a European passport. Anyways, plz do let me know if you’ve got any info on this or are una similar situation and any advice. And sorry if this is a stupid question :(
Jun 2
I’m European myself so I haven’t dealt with this personally but I do know that a lot of countries are dealing with visas through a phone number. My partner has needed one recently and just had it done via phone. Have you tried seeking for a number? If you don’t find one online try calling a police department (not an emergency line), they will redirect you to a proper line that deals with these issues. At least that’s how it worked where I am when I had questions regarding immigration/visas due to the current circumstances.

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