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Jun 11
Best bullet vibrators for using during sex? I’ve been struggling being able to orgasm without using my own hands. I bought a small bullet vibrator, but it’s super narrow, like maybe 0.7 cm in diameter so when my boyfriend tried to use it on me he still needed to be super precise and that’s difficult, I ended up stressed and it didn’t work out. Do you guys know of any good bullet vibrators, not too big (would be too intimidating for him) but also not too narrow so it would be easier for him to target my clit? Thanks ! (PS: I live in the U.K.)
Jun 11
{eaqIJj2Lq} // product code 41358 if the link doesn’t work. I’ve used this toy for a long time and I love it. It’s rechargeable which is a bonus but after a while I’ve found that the connection becomes loose and ended up buying a new one, I’m on my third now😅. Highly recommend 🤪

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