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Jun 2
Hiya, ive been put on microgynon is there any advice anyone can give me? Xx
Jun 2
Is this your first time on the pill? I’d recommend reading these to learn more about how the pill works and how to take it 7 day rule - {xQP-cCxrG}, break weeks -{4QP-cCxM3} , diarrhoea -{rQP-cCxhc} The nhs website on combined pills is also a very informative resource - {WQP-cCx7f} Remember to ALWAYS ask if your protected BEFORE having sex, not after. And use condoms until you fully trust your pill to avoid anxiety
Jun 2
@Llunx_ hiya no its not my first time, ive been on Rigevidon before this one, is there a way that you know ur protected? Xx
Jun 2
As long as you’ve taken it properly you’re protected, but you just have to trust that, which is why you should use condoms till you do trust it otherwise you will probably get a lot of anxiety out of it
Jun 2
@Llunx_ Okaii thank You, are you protected on your break week? X
Jun 2
Yes you’re protected at all times if you take the pills correctly Definitely check out those posts I linked
Jun 2
I have thank You so much xx
Jun 2
No problem!
Jun 2
To read your pamphlet

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