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Dec 4 18
How can I tell if I have a yeast infection? I had this same issue/ symptoms and went to the gyno and he said it was a yeast infection. He gave me a oral medicine and gave me 2 prescriptions. I’ve used them both already and I think I have another!!! It’s been almost a month since I have one and idk how I should treat this? Should i call my doctor and ask for a new pill? Or get monostat? I’m a little itchy/uncomfortable and I have white spots inside my vagina
Dec 4 18
My drs is closed btw
Dec 4 18
It’s up to you, if you’re pretty sure it’s a yeast infection then it’s fine to treat it over the counter. Just be aware you can get horrible severe itching from monistat, personally I’m not going to use it again and would rather get an oral medication from my doctor.
Dec 4 18
@aurielle do I have to go in for another check up to get the pill or could I just call and get it ??
Dec 4 18
@Js_xx0 I have no idea, sorry! You’d have to ask your doctor
Dec 4 18
I've had really good luck with Clotrimizole. I had a terrible reaction to Monistat.
Dec 4 18
Girlie the same thing has been happening to me Lmfao. Definitely try to go to another gynecologist tomorrow if you can that takes your insurance. Also, planned parenthood can help you too & it’s free!! But it’s so annoying I have recurring ones😩😩

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