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May 1
TW exercise, eating So I’ve been thinking on working on myself a lot in May. To try and change my mindset and make my head a lot clearer but also to be more active and eat a bit cleaner. So I’ve been trying to look into different ways to do that and I know that I have to find what works best for me. I want to balance, school, studying, free time, exercise, and try to read for 20 minutes a day. Does anyone have any tips?
May 1
Incorporate things slowly. If you jump straight into doing all these things at once you’re not going to stick to it. Another thing would be to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to get everything done every time. Some days things just won’t work out like you planned or something unexpected will come up or you’ll just have a bad day and won’t feel up to doing something - and that’s ok. Definitely try not to feel bad if you can’t find balance some days. So for now decide what’s the most important things to get balanced first. For example start with studying. Set aside a few hours for studying - maybe draw up a little schedule, try that out and see how it goes. You’ll be able to see what realistically works and what doesn’t, how much work you can actually do in x amount of time, how long it takes to do something etc. Then once you’ve got the hang of that, start reading for 5 mins a day, maybe after a while move up to 10 or 15. And add in more things to your days/weeks and see what works for you and what doesn’t, and move with that.
May 2
@bluerose9 thank you so much. I think that sometimes I do jump into everything straight away so what you said about slowly incorporating everything can be really useful. And sometimes studying can take really long and I’m ready for bed as soon as I’m done so I don’t get much free time during the week but as you said to see how it works and stuff. This advice is awesome, thank you!!

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