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Jun 20
How can you stop yourself from falling out of love with your partner? I’m still in love and want a future with them but something is just feeling really off at the moment. Aside from having a conversation about this with each other, does anyone have any other tips?
Jun 20
I’m of the opinion that loving someone isn’t just a feeling, it’s a choice. Relationships will have their ups and downs and feelings will fluctuate, especially in a long term relationship. You have to wake up and choose to continue to out in the work and love your partner.
Jun 20
I don’t think you can stop yourself from feeling any sort of way. Did something happen in the relationship? I think it’s normal for your love towards someone to fluctuate, you’re not going to be crazy about them all the time, however if it goes on for a long time and you find yourself losing interest etc. then perhaps you’re growing out of the relationship and it might be best to move on
Jun 20
-Spending time away from your partner can be actually very beneficial. Gives you two time to miss each other, to develop new interests and have stuff to talk about. -it's normal for the initial infatuation to fade over time. Everything new is always exciting. But if something actually feels off between the two of you, communicate! You won't find out without talking about it.
Jun 20
Thank you all! We’ve been together over 4 years now so it has of course fluctuated before but just seems to be going on slightly longer this time. Nothing has actually changed or happened but yes we will definitely communicate about this more - thank you for all your suggestions and any more is always appreciated
Jun 20
Maybe try a fun new activity together ~ something new and exciting. Or a trip, or vacation.

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