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Nov 20
Hii ladiess :)) Just looking for my fellow ‘allergic to everything’ girls😂 i have a lot of allergies, i’ll list them below. But because of how many allergies i have i find it difficult to make meals or go out for food. I carry an epipen with me too. If any of you have allergies and have worked ways around if, please drop some recipes to help a lass out! x Foods: -Chicken -Beef -Pork -Turkey -Atlantic mackerel -Red herring -Tomatoes -Carrots -Peas -Broccoli -Sweetcorn -Chickpeas -Lentils -Soya -Beans (all kinds i believe) -Macadamia nut -Peanut -Hazelnut -Sesame 18 of the best foods in my opinion😭😂 I’m also allergic to animals, cats, dogs horses + pigs. So if you have any advice or recipes or ideas for recipes, please let me know. thank you xox
Nov 20
Have you gotten an allergy test to try to confirm all of these?
Nov 20
@aurielle Yeha they’ve all been diagnosed already, this list is from the hospital letter i received
Nov 20
Just a friendly reminder that not everyone here identifies as a lady/ girl :)
Nov 20
You could try other kinds of fish like tilapia, salmon and snapper. Also shrimp is an easy option.
Nov 21
@Kitarah i do apologise! was running on 2 hours of sleep while at work at the time i posted this!

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