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Feb 12
Possible TW: How do you guys gain self-control related to eating or anything for that matter? Like I’m eating too much junk to the point where my cholesterol is through the roof and I’m 20...and my doctor thinks I have angina which is common in old men. So yeah lol. I’m not overweight and I eat a normal amount of meals but when I eat chips or chocolate or something junky I don’t have any control. Not anymore anyways.
Feb 12
Just try and have them less in your house:)
Feb 12
My bestfriend and I are similar in a sense where if we eat junk food we don’t have control and no limits. What’s helped me a lot is portioning what I eat, if I’m eating chips I don’t eat from the bag because if I do I’ll eat the whole thing. Instead I pour a decent size in a bowl and don’t go for seconds hardly ever. Try it out!
Feb 12
I suggest looking into intuitive eating. Trying to restrict or control usually has the opposite effect.
Feb 12
Not having them in the house is nice but you don’t wanna restrict yourself that much. I suggest having alternatives to everything, like dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate. If you crave chips often, try to buy some that have less sodium/fat, some healthy crackers too.
Feb 12
You have to treat yourself sometimes. Everything within moderation right? If you end up starving yourself you’re more prone to binging later on in the day so just try and have a couple small meals throughout the day. Cook for yourself, drink more water, find healthy alternatives to foods you crave. even if it’s a small difference it matters!
Feb 12
I definitely don’t mean never buy them just buy a few less for in your house!😊 and yes as @aurielle says, restricting NEVER works and makes everything 10x worse. But I do think if it’s effecting your overall health it is something to work on!
Feb 12
No need to cut anything out tho!

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