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May 20
Have you guys ever gotten over a fear or phobia? If so how did you do it? Did you face it head on? Did you take baby steps?
May 20
I was afraid of knives for the longest time. I went to therapy for it because it was apart of my OCD. Cognitive behavioral therapy played a big role in my recovery
May 20
I honestly just started doing it. Obviously it depends on what you are afraid of, mine was simply just going to school. I would get extreme panic attacks and threw up every morning i needed to go. But how will you ever get better if you don’t try? That was my mindset, and also just being so annoyed of being scared i just forced myself to brush it off and go.
May 21
I pretty much got over my phobia of flying. It still makes me a tiny bit nervous but not nearly as bad as I used to be (anxiety attacks, sleepless nights.) I had to just face BUT with preparation and strategies to help me feel more in control. I developed a plan for every part of the flying process with specific activities or actions I could do to distract me and cope with my anxiety (puzzles, breathing exercises, downloading movies to watch on my laptop.) In the end repeated and consistent exposure was the key. I moved 1000 miles away for my family for grad school and had to take a 2 hour flight every time I wanted to see them, so I was flying every 3-4 months. Over time it just got easier and better and now flying is a pretty normal, manageable thing for me.

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