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Apr 14
When my boyfriend and I first started dating (5 months tomorrow!) he told me he wasn't crazy about receiving blowjobs. It wasn't that he disliked them or had had bad ones, he just preferred having sex. However, he really enjoys going down on me and expressed recently that he wouldn't turn one down (which I figured anyway) I feel bad because I have yet to return the favour, but every time we 'get into it' we end up having sex after there's foreplay for me. Anytime I've felt the confidence to just go for it and do it, we either just go straight to sex with no foreplay for him, or he falls asleep (before anything sexual even happens lol not during) I went down on my ex all the time because I knew he liked it and often asked for it, so I'm not opposed to giving them but I feel really awkward about initiating it with my current boyfriend. Any tips/ideas??Thank you!
Apr 14
He said he wants to do it so why feel awkward? :/ just let him do stuff to you and then do to him then have sex. Don’t force stuff just let it come naturally
Apr 14
Exactly if he isn’t into it that’s fine, and that’s his choice. It shouldn’t make you feel awkward about it just because you have been with other people who did enjoy it. You don’t need to feel bad because he is going down on you just like you also shouldn’t feel that it’s a requirement to return the favour. It’s his choice to go down on you if you enjoy it and if he didn’t want to he wouldn’t. It’s all about respecting each other’s choices and likes and dislikes
Apr 14
If he isn’t in to it he isn’t in to it, you don’t have to return the favour because he’s getting his pleasure from the sex, I wouldn’t worry about it
Apr 15
One thing I did, lol and it’s actually really sexy, assuming you guys spend the night together, try to wake up before him and do it when he’s asleep. That’s what I do for my boyfriend because he LOVES to go down on me but anytime I go down on him I don’t do it for very long because he’s ready to have sex and just raises me up from him. So anytime I did want to give him head I’d do it when he’s sleep so I could actually take my time, tease him and go as long as I wanted to
Apr 15
@Infinity_ I don’t think she should do that as she said he doesn’t like head... plus it brings up the consent issue as he is asleep and in this situation it would be doing something which he has already told her isn’t a fan of
Apr 15
@Martini_ OH! I read it wrong

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