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Feb 21
Tw⚠️: weight/body image So girls I have a new man n I’m scared to get naked in front or have the light on n it’s so frustrating coz I love sex n feeling intimate with someone, but I have back rolls and abit of a tummy n it’s all just daunting, how can I help myself feel sexy
Feb 21
Girl you are sexy and your mans going to agree! He’s not focusing on those things that you may always focus on! He’s just going to be happy that you’re naked most likely! I know mine has always just been excited for my boobs and doesn’t care what’s going on in terms of looks, because the look doesn’t matter it’s the fact that he gets to touch what he wants! remember that you are beautiful & sexy and that you should be confident in your body no matter what!! We all have imperfections:)
Feb 21
Girl you have made me feel 200x better he loves them so far so hopefully that will mesmerise him enough to forget the rest but thank you so much your an angel🤍
Feb 21
Confidence makes you sexy not what you look like.
Feb 21
^^ confidence is what makes you feel sexy. I guarantee you this guy thinks you are incredibly sexy and beautiful, yep even your back rolls, tummy and all!!! I promise you’re the only one focusing on these things, these things haven’t even crossed his mind. You’re gorgeous, remember that x
Feb 22
When I first started sleeping with my boyfriend I always made him turn the lamp away etc cos I felt the same way, but quickly you learn that they love your body and want to see it just as you want to see theirs, and they will not start having sex with you and start examining your body at all, they’ll see it and continue to get more turned on! You can always try some sexy underwear or lingerie to give u a bit of a boost!

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