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Jun 2
How do you stop feeling guilty for spending your own money? For context, I’m a student so I’m relatively broke but I do work a job and once i’m a while Ill buy some clothing. Nothing too expensive (like 20-40$) and I then spend the rest of my week feeling super guilty and disappointed with myself. I work and tutor 7 times a week and I still find myself feeling guilty and anxious
Jun 2
Try putting it that way. You work hard for this money, as well as studying, so it only makes sense to then spend some of it for your own pleasure. Else it would be work work work and no fun at all. You deserve it girl, there’s no place for guilt there :) you worked for this stuff! Well done u!
Jun 2
Money is for spending! It inherently doesn't have any purpose or value unless you use it for something. It's meant to be spent (or saved for a specific purpose in the future, but you don't HAVE to save anything)
Jun 2
You shouldn’t feel guilty you’ve worked for that money so you can decide what it goes towards. It’s nice to treat yourself sometimes!
Jun 2
You shouldn’t feel guilty for treating yourself, especially if it’s not stopping you from paying a bill, etc. You can always set a monthly budget for certain things that way you stay on track and don’t feel guilty. Set an amount you can spend a month on clothing/shoes, restaurants/activities, etc and that way as long as you don’t go over that amount there is no need to feel guilty since it’s budgeted in your monthly expenses and doesn’t take away from your savings.

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