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May 21
I just came out wearing the cutest lingerie set and my bf didn’t even say anything. He’s just like “ I wanna watch my show” and like I get it. He doesn’t always have to be in the mood or excited to see me in lingerie. But it just makes me feel unwanted and it’s already taking a lot of self confidence to put something like this on. And idk it just made me sad:( it just feels like he’s un attracted to me
May 21
Aw man! This broke my heart! He doesn’t have to be in the mood , but he could have at least complimented you and acknowledged your effort. It takes a lot to walk out in lingerie (at least for me). A different but similar situation happened to me but I made sure to talk to him about why my feelings had gotten hurt.
May 21
It’s totally acceptable to not be in the mood but he didn’t have to dismiss your efforts like that. He should have complimented the outfit and explained he was busy.
May 21
I would talk to him about how it made you feel, I completely understand.
May 21
You should talk to him about it
May 21
Just because he said that doesnt mean you arent attractive you are beautiful and he was just busy I accidentally do that to my boyfriend it's a silly but human thing to do
May 21
Thanks everyone!! I will talk to him about it:)
May 21
My ex did this on our one year and literally rolled over and went to sleep after he looked at me with a straight face.
May 22
I think you should communicate how you felt. But it would also be a good idea to additionally work on your confidence so you don’t need to have his approval to feel confident/wanted!

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