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Mar 24
It feels like my bf and i are just friends. We don’t get to be intimate often and our texts and calls are very surface level. I feel like we are compatible, but don’t have as strong of an emotional connection. With the self quarantine it seems even more noticeable because we aren’t together at all. I need to bring it up somehow.
Mar 24
Hmmm yeah maybe have a talk about it! It’s normal if you guys have been together a long time. After all this is over maybe you guys could plan some dates?:)
Mar 24
Have you guys been together long?
Mar 24
almost 3 years but we’ve spent most summers apart and usually only see each other on weekends it feels like a lot of our relationship has been over phone, text etc. not actually being together for a very long period of time
Mar 24
@starfish3 How does it feel when you guys see each other on the weekends? Do you guys go on dates? Just hangout? What do you two normally do?
Mar 24
So you think if you saw each other more for longer periods of time then your emotional connection would be stronger? Is there anything else you think that could make your emotional connection stronger?
Mar 24
i’ve had a similar situation with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years. for me, it felt like we had just got comfortable with each other and kinda stopped making an effort. we didn’t have sex very often either. i spoke to him about it and we both agreed to make more romantic time for each other to be intimate and show our love. if you can’t see him very often, try face time or skype? maybe if you’re comfortable with it, send sexy nudes or videos? or call him before you sleep to tell him how much you love him. if you’re open and honest with him about how you feel, there are lots of ways you could fix it

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