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Jun 2
My bf and I were having sex and then all of a sudden some hair got caught on his d*** and so now he has a tiny bit of skin wrapped around with hair that forms like a tiny ball on his d***. We tried pulling it out but it hurts and he’s trying to take it out but it won’t come out. Any ideas?
Jun 2
have you tried using tweezers and brow scissors to carefully try and cut the knot of hair away? or is it too mixed together to even try that? i’m trying to envision what it looks like but there’s a lot of possibilities
Jun 2
Tweezers maybe and try and cut it off?
Jun 2
@minajxo @Bluephoenix We’ve tried tweezers. Basically a hair is wrapped around a small part of his skin and on his d*** .. forming like a small ball. It doesn’t hurt he says but he still wants it out. How did this happen? I’m not sure
Jun 2
You should still remove it even if it hurts, if you can’t do it then you should consult a doctor
Jun 2
@Yi_eune yep that’s what we’re trying to do. He’s gonna go to a doctor if he can’t get it out soon
Jun 3
Maybe take a bath and soak it. Or use lotion or conditioner that might slip the knot out or off
Jun 3
Did he get it off??

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