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Jun 28
so i have been on the pill for exactly a month now and i finished my pills that give you the thing that is like your period or whatever 2 days ago. my boyfriend and i are normally good at the whole pulling out thing but today we decided to not pull out. my thing said i’m still protected so i was just wondering if that was correct. thanks
Jun 28
You are protected during your break week pills as long as you start your next pack of birth control pills on time. Never extend your break week pills as that would leave you unprotected. As long as you have taken all of your pills on time within the allowed time frame and accounted for severe diarrhea or vomiting you are fine and protected.
Jun 28
You are protected as long as you take your pills correctly. Please educate yourself on birth control and how it works because the app is NOT a reliable indicator of your protection status. The NHS website has the best information about all birth control methods. Also the pull-out method doesn’t even work in the first place as there is still live sperm involved in pre-cum. Either fully trust the pill or use condoms. On top of that always make sure to know your protection status BEFORE having sex without a condom.

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