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Feb 21
Is it normal to get in grown hairs/ pimples about over a week after shaving? I’ve noticed 3 different pimples/in grown hairs in the pubic area (one on the inside of my lip before reaching the labia) and my paranoia is getting the best of me lol. It doesn’t burn when I pee so I think it’s an ingrown hair
Feb 21
I just posted about this girl, I’m having the same problem so change to a men’s razor and stop using shaving cream and use conditioner or coconut oil and go with the grain and just squat and take your time xx
Feb 21
@bbbbbx I bought an electric razor and I didn’t think you could get pimples from it but guess I was wrong 😔
Feb 21
If it’s not a pimple what r u thinking it is
Feb 21
@only_happy_ unfortunately you just have to try until you find the right things for you but don’t give up hope have you thought about waxing or removal cream instead x

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