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Nov 19 22
Hi girls! I need some help: some days ago I had unprotected sex, he didn’t finished inside of me but I still took the emergency pill 5-6 hours later. I use the app Flo to keep track of my period and I realized that I was on my fertile days. Do you think I should be worried? Thank you beforehand!
Nov 19 22
Are you on birth control? Those apps aren’t very accurate.
Nov 19 22
Hey @bluerose9 I am not on birth control and that’s why I took the plan B, I took it 5-6 hours after sex as I know it has a 72 hours window. I will be takin the birth control pill as soon as my period arrives this month but I’m kind of worried right now about if the plan B actually worked even if I may have been on fertile days.
Nov 19 22
@Charliefc there’s nothing you can do now, other than taking a test in 3 weeks to be sure it worked. Wishing you the best x
Nov 19 22
Just a friendly reminder that not everyone on here identifies as a girl so it's best to use gender inclusive terms :)
Nov 19 22
@bluerose9 Thank you so much!

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